AEMA Member Benefits

How Can My Company BENEFIT from AEMA Membership?

Below are just a few of the many benefits of AEMA membership, along with what some current AEMA members have to share about their experience with AEMA membership:

Stay Informed & Educated

  • Receive valuable knowledge and tools through the AEMA Asphalt Emulsion Certification Courses
  • Receive news and technical developments through the PPRA Connections eNewsletter and AEMA’s Emulsion Notes eBrief
  • Attend and receive up-to-the-minute technical knowledge through sessions at the Annual Meeting and quadrennial ISAET meetings, and via participation in the International Technicial Committee meetings
  • Share best practices in a non-competitive environment
  • Direct communication regarding technical issues via the AEMA Technical Response Committee
  • Have access to technical publications, such as the Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual, and other industry guidelines

 “AEMA provides a forum to discuss and solve industry issues common to the varied participants. The ability to network and exchange ideas with other industry participants is important.”

Advance your industry network

  • Build relationships that could lead to future career and business opportunities
  • Be one of the first companies agencies find via the website member directory and be a preferred organization for other AEMA members to do business with
  • Provide opportunities for employee leadership development through the AEMA Young Members Committee and YMC mentor program
  • Actively participate by joining a committee, presenting at a meeting, or submitting an article
  • Build company recognition through sponsorship and advertising opportunities

“AEMA helps me connect to the industry, support the promotion of pavement preservation and the applications that make up the industry, and stay on top of the latest trends and technologies”

Advocate for the Industry

  • AEMA is working to drive the expansion of emulsion use with a strategic goal to double the emulsion demand by 2020
  • AEMA is promoting the industry to agencies through the Synergy Project and development of a unified digital resource hub
  •  AEMA’s participation in FP2 helps capitalize on lobbying power to shape legislation, regulations and specifications
  • AEMA actively works to promote asphalt pavement preservation

“AEMA is helping to provide direction on national specification development and is representing us via the technical committees”

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