Application of Asphalt Emulsions Certificate II

Offered in partnership with the University of Arkansas College of Engineering, the goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the different applications of asphalt emulsions in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.  This course takes approximately 16 hours to complete and registrants will have 4 weeks to complete the class. Participants can download and print 145 pages of reference material to put on their shelf.   Please click here to download the front matter of the reference material.  Upon completion, 15 professional development hours will be awarded.

After a brief overview of the chemistry, manufacture, and testing of asphalt emulsion, essentially highlights from Introduction to Asphalt Emulsion. The course will dig deep into the different applications of asphalt emulsion. Maintenance spray applications that will be covered include fog seals, chip seals, crack seals, scrub seals, cape seals, and ultra-thin bonded overlays. Maintenance mix applications that will be covered include slurry seal, micro surfacing, and maintenance patches. Finally, rehabilitation mix applications that will be covered include Cold In-place Recycling (CIR), Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), and Hot In-place Recycling (HIR). For each of these maintenance and rehabilitation applications, the proper usage, material selection, design considerations, and construction will be covered.

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the fundamentals of asphalt emulsion and pavement preservation
  • Determine when conditions are favorable for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Identify the appropriate materials and design considerations for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Select appropriate methods for construction of various pavement maintenance and rehabilitation applications

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