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A Short Memorial and a Long Farewell to our Friend and Colleague Roger K. Chatterjee

Tuesday, December 5, 2017  
Posted by: Kristi Olson

Roger K. Chatterjee

May 29, 1954 – November 19, 2017

Over the thirty-plus years of his professional career, working for Witco, Sherex, Goldschmidt-Degussa, and Ingevity, Roger achieved a commanding view of the complicated field of asphalt emulsions.  From mastering the delicate chemical intricacies of emulsifier design and formulation to honing an appreciative ear for the telltale signals in the hum and whir of a plant mill, Roger’s broad knowledge and experience made him a peerless resource for everyone he knew. 

Yet even with his comprehensive practical and theoretical expertise, Roger always believed that there were still hidden spaces in emulsion science for him and his team to explore.  His was an ardent will for discovery and an irrepressible passion for pursuing his customers’ success.  And despite his long record of patented achievements, Roger remained throughout his career a humble scientist and inventor who never boasted of his successes nor tried to leverage them for any privilege other than that of continuing to apply his creative energy to the leadership of his team in the field they loved. 

While there are countless memories we will carry with us individually as we bid our long farewell to Roger, if we can remember in common one thing about our friend and colleague, let it be this please:   he was determined every moment of his working day to bring the highest quality products and services to his customers, who he regarded as friends, and to the industry, where he found a large measure of his life’s purpose and reward.  

AEMA thanks Everett Crews, Ingevity, for the preparation of this memorial.

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