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AEMA President's Message

Monday, July 23, 2018  
Posted by: Ali Mostardo

I hope this message finds you all in mid-summer form and having a safe and productive 2018 season. To borrow an old sports team cliché, it’s a great day to be a member of AEMA and the PPRA family! Headlining current events is the public launch of the PPRA website, Fully operational, ungated and available to the public, there is now a vast amount of cohesive information, concepts and tools on asphalt emulsions, recycling options, and pavement preservation techniques all on a single website. Many of the respondents to our earliest research indicated that “mixed messaging” from “multiple sources” was a hurdle for agency’s understanding and acceptance of the treatments and products that our members provide; this site goes a long way towards addressing that major concern.

Led by the Synergy Project Team involving valuable contributors from both the public and private sector and countless association members, guided by our exceptional management team at CM Services and designed and executed by Vario Consulting’s team of very talented people, the website represents the best that PPRA has to offer.  It is tempting to tout this launch as a culmination of a massive collective effort undertaken by the three sister associations-AEMA, ARRA and ISSA. But the term “culmination” may have you thinking of the end when really, this is a beginning. This platform provides us with a continual opportunity to educate, inform, advise and support those that select, perform and supply products and services for the work necessary to maintain and preserve the roadway infrastructure that is literally the heartbeat of freedom, commerce, and prosperity. 

I encourage you to take some time to view the site, provide us your comments, suggestions and ideas for improvements; we want to make every effort to provide the highest quality information available communicated in the most effective format. We are entering an awareness campaign as we work to get the word out about the site. You can help here as well by spreading the word to your employees, customers and groups that you interact with.  All feedback is important as we determine our next steps in this cooperative venture.

Speaking of those next steps, a December 2018 PPRA Synergy Project Strategy Meeting is in the planning stages.  By the meeting date, we will have over four months of website metrics to help guide our discussions. While any critical changes that are identified will likely be enacted before this meeting, much of our future direction will begin to take shape at this work session. Your involvement in the process is invaluable. If you are reading this, you are part of the team and we need your participation in order to reflect the broadest and strongest perspective possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

While AEMA is justifiably proud to be a part of the PPRA team, we have quite a few ongoing activities designed to assure the benefits of AEMA membership go well beyond the priceless opportunity to network with each other.  Please reach out to any board member or click the appropriate link for more information on these items:

AEMA Excellence in Manufacturing Award program – Developed over the last two years through the Awards Committee, this program provides a measurement of best practices, an avenue for continuous improvement and a way to demonstrate good corporate citizenship and community friendly operations. Learn more here:


Asphalt Emulsion Certification Courses – Funded by AEMA members, developed and executed by the University of Arkansas, the third course in this educational series will be available online beginning August 1st. Learn more here:


Younger Members Committee - In its second year, this group of younger members has already delivered significant work product, thoughts, and ideas that will keep our association relevant into the future as well as assuring the availability of a talented and experienced leadership pool. Learn more here: 


Mentorship Program- Developed and overseen by the Younger Members Committee, mentors and mentees are matched in a structured program that is continually evaluated. What better benefit to our members than to facilitate the exposure of their less experienced but promising employees to the current leaders of our industry?   Learn more here:


RPG Revision – Newly revised and released through the International Technical Committee, this is a massive resource and reference document related to the many uses of asphalt emulsions. Learn more here: 


Stewardship Program - Revitalized and re-engaged, this program gives each AEMA member’s representative an additional and direct path of communication to the board while providing leadership to ability to get the pulse of our members through an ongoing process.


Annual Meeting – Last but certainly not least, please consider joining us and the rest of the PPRA family in beautiful Cancun. Check out the many cost saving features included in this year’s package and join us for both work and fun under the Mexican sun. Learn more here:


The list above is just a snapshot of activities ongoing within AEMA, it does not convey the total dedication demonstrated by our previous leadership, the current board, the various committees, liaisons, representatives, and our association management.  If you want to be involved with these or other efforts, please do not hesitate to raise your hand!

Here’s to both a strong finish to the 2018 season and a strong beginning to those that follow.


Mark Ishee
President, AEMA

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